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Ryan Cagle charismatic af, ecumenical, pentecostal af

Trailer Trash | Liberationist | Christ-Haunted or some shit | Very Pentecostal | Clumsy Contemplative | Teilhardian | he/him

Flagstaff, AZ
assemblies of god

Stephen Di Trolio Coakley mennocostal, pentecostal-ish, snake handler

A perplexed pentecostal who is on a path of discipleship thinking about radical political communities, continental philosophy and Latin America.

Carlisle, PA

Nicole Misra charismatic-ish, ecumenical, high church pentecostal, pentecostal-ish

Christian. Teacher. Cat mama.

St Louis

Josh Huver pentecostal af

MA in Biblical Exegesis / Filipino Liberation / Pentecostal/ Pastor


Adam Kolosik mennocostal

I hold an MA in Social Justice from Kilns College now known as Voices School of Liberation and Transformation, and serve as a pastor within the Assemblies of God.

Des Moines for now

Cody Dean Bivins high church pentecostal, mennocostal

MA in Historical Theology/ Graduate Fellow for Center for Applied Christian Ethics

vagabond (non-pentecostal denom)

Kyle Ganus charismatic af, ecumenical, high church pentecostal, pentecostal af

Grew up in the Assemblies of God, took a Baptist detour, now navigating the mainlines. 27. Floridian at heart. Layperson. Interested in liberation theology, pneumatology, and Christology. He/him

Northern Virginia

Brooke Matejka charismatic-ish, ecumenical, high church pentecostal, pentecostal-ish

Grew up deeply AG | STL - SGF - MDiv/MACEF at Princeton Theological Seminary | Interested in feminist theology, disability theology, poetry, restorative justice, & radical visions of making the kingdom come | she/her(s)

Princeton, New Jersey

Carson Crawford charismatic-ish, ecumenical

Cornfed revolutionary | Apocalyptic realist | Queer for Christ | He/Him/They/Them/???

Moorefield, West Virginia

Ellen Perleberg high church pentecostal, pentecostal-ish

Christian, abolitionist, communist, linguist, librarian, poet. Not necessarily in that order, but approximately so.

Eastern Washington

Ryan Cagle charismatic af, ecumenical, pentecostal af

Trailer Trash | Liberationist | Christ-Haunted or some shit | Very Pentecostal | Clumsy Contemplative | Teilhardian | he/him

Flagstaff, AZ


Someone interested in ethics, politics, and decolonization


Asia Lerner ecumenical, pentecostal-ish

I grew up in a non-denom evangelical church, I transitioned to Pentecostalism at Southeastern U, and now I‘m an MDiv student at Emory. I’m really struggling with how much influence the evangelical movement has had on Pentecostalism. I’m currently navigating the academia sphere in hopes for a PhD.

Emory University, Atlanta GA

Mark Wallace charismatic-ish, ecumenical, high church pentecostal

Storyteller in word and song | Evangel University Alum | Generally frustrated with charismatics, among whom I identify | Chicago-San Francisco-Ashville-SGF

Springfield, MO

Anthony Vernon charismatic-ish, pentecostal-ish

I grew up Pentecostal/Church of God, but am going to be received into the Episcopal church hopefully soon. I am still holding onto my Pentecostal roots as I have grown so much from them.

Cleveland, TN

Courtney Elizabeth charismatic af, pentecostal-ish

Hi! I'm a neurodivergent queer person with a love of emo music and an English degree. she/they.

South Carolina


Stockton, CA

Ade Anderson pentecostal af

Audiophile. Aspiring rhythm section. Into Black Pentecostal history and culture. Saved, Sanctified & Trans. No one's free til we're all free.

Lansing, MI

Nick Bettis charismatic af


Stephen bapticostal, charismatic-ish

Richmond VA


Black Asf. All Black Everythannngg (So You know Im Pentecostal Asf already). Wanna Be Nerd.

Miami Florida

Jer charismatic-ish, ecumenical, pentecostal af

I go to school. I read books and theology. Trying to live. Figuring things out along the way.

Springfield, MO

Argentina Reeves charismatic af, pentecostal af

I’m a Anarchist and Abolitionist. I also speak in tongues and call upon the sprit of revolution.


Ian Caveny high church pentecostal

Pentecostal, liturgical, studies 19th/20th C new religious movements

Chicago, IL
church of god (cleveland)

Russ high church pentecostal, pentecostal af

Preacher, bible nerd, Pentecostal.

Chattanooga, TN

Michael pentecostal-ish

Grew up Afro-Caribbean Pentecostal | M.A. Historical Theology | Luke 4:18-19 | John 3:8


Ethan charismatic-ish, ecumenical, pentecostal-ish

I'm not sure if I'm somebody who should be here, but I'd like to try to be. I'm a grad student in history. I grew up somewhere between Evangelical and Pentecostal Christian, and I realized I mostly want the Pentecostal part to stay, if that makes sense.

Boston, MA - originally from Chattanooga, TN

David high church pentecostal, pentecostal af

NT - Pentecostal


Drenda Butler ecumenical, high church pentecostal, pentecostal af

Pentecostal existing in Catholic spaces.

Collegeville, MN